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What kind of impact will YOU create?

Welcome to 


An intimate, 5-month training specifically for teachers, trainers, and educators who want to shift from controlling the conversation and having all the answers to facilitating genuine transformation by supporting clients as they make their own choices and chart their own path.


You find purpose in your work as a teacher, trainer, or educator, but you feel called to serve in a more significant way, and you’re ready to take intentional action. 


You’ve had breakthrough moments with clients that have ignited a SPARK in you, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg.

You’ve realized that traditional teaching methods limit your ability to truly connect and listen to the people in front of you and you want to show up for your clients and students on a deeper level, but you keep missing the mark and you're realizing that coaching is the missing link.


You have the power to touch people deeply and leave your mark on the world!

You are powerful as a teacher, and you get results. Yet, you can’t help but feel like you’re just skimming the surface and missing out on opportunities to facilitate real change in the lives of your students and clients. 

The REAL distinction between teachers who cover content and deliver a predictable, prescribed experience and transformational COACHES who support their clients as they find their own answers, make their own choices, and blaze their own path?

While Teachers…

  • Call all the shots

  • Give advice from their own experiences and expertise

  • Are responsible for instruction, content, and dictating every learning experience

  • Feel the need to have all the answers, all the time. 



  • Listen deeply to their clients instead of talking at them.

  • Hear wants and needs instead of giving blanket advice.

  • Support, advocate, and entrust instead of tell, educate, and show

  • Understand the innate wisdom of their clients instead of feeling the need to control the situation or decide the outcomes.

Being a coach is about realizing you don't have to solve everyone's problems or have all the answers. In fact, the best coaches know their clients already have the solutions; it's simply a matter of unearthing them.


I’ve been there

As a yoga teacher and college instructor, with decades of experience, teaching was my comfort zone. I knew what to do, what to say, and how to say it. Teaching became second nature. 


Lather, rinse, and repeat. 


And while I was able to create consistent, predictable experiences for my clients, I realized my teaching methods weren’t offering the results I was looking for. I didn’t actually WANT to create these cookie-cutter experiences, one after another!


Sure, my students and clients were learning and receiving information, But I realized what served one person couldn’t possibly serve every person.  

Something didn’t feel right.

I had gotten so wrapped up in sharing and covering content and controlling the narrative that I lost sight of the big picture: Helping people achieve a unique transformation. 


I realized I was only scratching the surface and that in order to see my clients and students through a full and genuine transformation, my methods would need to change.

So, I took a leap of faith and LET GO of control.


Everything in me pushed back at first! My logical mind craved the structure and predictability I had come to know through systematically delivering content. But my inner voice was craving a deeper connection that would facilitate growth on a much larger scale.


Once I stepped out of my role as teacher and into the role of coach, the magic I had been longing for kicked in!  


I learned that

  • I don’t need to have all the answers (nor SHOULD I) because every client’s truth is different. 

  • I could trust my clients because they already had the solutions within them.

  • My expertise could serve as a TOOL, not the be-all-end-all. 

  • My job wasn’t to TELL or push my opinions. My role was to simply to help them excavate the choices, decisions, and beliefs that were right for them.


This SHIFT liberated me and quickly made everything in my work easier, simpler, and more impactful! I successfully let go of the reigns and handed the control BACK to my clients.


That’s how I know YOU CAN DO IT TOO.



Imagine 5 months from now…

→ Moving with your clients as they go through a whole transformation.

→ Fully meeting the multiple needs of your clients

→ Coaching your clients to surpass their own expectations and achieve things you could never teach them to do. 

→Showing up to coach with confidence and ease instead of leaning on your expertise, curriculum, and content as a crutch.

→ Knowing precisely what to listen for and which strategic questions to ask.

→ Cultivating all of the skills and tools you need to make magic happen when working with clients and participants.

It is time to flip off the teacher switch and ignite the coaching switch!

Becoming an Impact Coach is about…


→ Learning science-backed principles to balance your intuition with critical thinking (no pseudo-science here!)


→ Using a proven framework so you can coach the PERSON, not the PROBLEM, and hold space for clients as they gain clarity, create choices, establish commitments, and determine directed action for themselves.


→ Being a professional and showing up to coach knowing you are completely prepared to create a safe and supportive space for you and your clients.


It’s also about consistently practicing these skills with regular opportunities for mentorship, guidance, and support.

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An intensive, 5-month training for purpose-driven leaders who want to feel fulfilled as they innovate in their industry, serve their clients, and create an impactful ripple effect in the world.


I’ll guide you as you define what kind of coach YOU want to be. We’ll dig deep to unearth your why so you can serve the community you feel most passionate about.


Through group coaching, 1:1 calls, partner work, and self-led education, you’ll be able to integrate and develop your skills in a way that leverages your expertise while honoring the wisdom of your clients. 


After 5 months, you’ll be able to skillfully navigate any coaching experience. You will be able to switch from teacher to coach gracefully and whenever needed. Plus, you’ll walk away with a community of fellow coaches who will continue to support you long after this training comes to a close.

"I took this training after I walked away from yoga studio ownership, where teaching yoga and yoga trainings was my primary job.  My biggest win from this training was getting clear on my why for coaching. as I transitioned from yoga teacher, and who I want to coach and be for. Gina is an excellent mentor. She is your biggest fan and yet not afraid to challenge you to grow and meet your own goals. Walking away from ICT I feel confident, clear and prepared."



Be The Catalyst For Radical Transformation

Develop your skills as a coach, so you can be the catalyst for change and inspire incredible results for your participants and clients!

Discover & Define Who YOU Are As a Coach


One-size-fits-all coaching methods will never help you reach your full potential and create your highest impact, especially as you navigate the transformation from teacher to coach.


Instead, I designed this training with you in mind so you can add to your long list of skills and talents, making your work with your clients, participants and students even more impactful than it already is. 

In this 5-month training, you will…

Gain the most current science-based education

Practice, hone and master your coaching skills with you mentor & peers.

Learn the 3-step "coaching runway" & develop your coaching toolbox.

Get clear on how you want to use your coaching skills, why you coach & who you will serve.

“ICT helped me develop the guiding principles and concrete processes I needed to upgrade my delivery, fine-tune my focus and efficiency, and confidently work with people!”


- Michael

Take a Peek Inside

5-Month Live Zoom Training

Learning to hone and master the skills of coaching takes time. This program is for endurance-driven leaders who are in it for the long haul. The exit doors are closed, and you'll settle for nothing less than success.


Group Calls

I teach a framework, not a methodology. Learn the core foundations of how to coach 1:1 and deal with any situation that may arise. We will meet twice per month.

1:1 Practice Coaching Sessions

Learning isn't enough. You need to put it into practice and take ACTION! Live practicum sessions, with me and your peers, will allow you to develop your confidence, experiment with content ideas, and get in-depth feedback before bringing your ideas to your clients or group sessions.


And SO much more…

  • A Private Group Support Channel

  • Unlimited Chat & Email Support

  • Expert Guest Speakers

  • Printed Materials, Recording Calls and Workshops

  • Comprehensive Manual

  • Self-Led Educational Content

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If you want to be a coach who leaves a lasting impact, do this program!

 ICT was such a fun and exciting program. Gina challenged my view on coaching and helped me see the bigger picture. I learned that I had the choice in who I wanted to be as a coach and what kind of experience I wanted to create for my clients.  I left feeling lit up!”

- Stephanie

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Meet Your Coach

Gina Ward 

Business Mentor & Coach Trainer 


When I first started my coaching business, it took me a while to realize that teaching and coaching were two completely separate skill sets with entirely different goals. 

Something in me SHIFTED when I reconnected to my personal purpose that drives my work today. I paired my expertise in yoga, medical research, business, and education with science-backed coaching frameworks to help facilitate growth, advocacy, and confidence in the lives of my clients.

I learned to TRUST myself,  my clients, and our collective inner wisdom.

Through trial and error, extensive practice, and ongoing professional development, I've learned a lot about what not to do as a coach. I’ve learned to balance teaching, coaching, and facilitation.


Now, I get to share my experiences and methods with you, so you don’t have to wait to create the impact your community needs.

Today, this passion has evolved into a coaching practice where I help leaders who have a strong desire to create and lead businesses, programs, and trainings rooted in purpose and full of vision! 

I’m bringing all my skills, training, and experiences to help you SHIFT from lecturing teacher to the responsive, results-driven coach you’ve always dreamed of becoming!

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“ICT is one of the most impactful programs I have taken. The depth of content Gina delivered and what I learned blew me away.”


I knew there was a lot to coaching, and I didn't realize just how much until this training. There is so much intention behind the way we coach, and Gina helped me discover how to best do this in my own unique way."



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ICFT Sign Up

This training is for you if you are a teacher, trainer, or educator who…


Wants to step out of what you know and what you do to elevate and broaden your skills

​Feels called to make an immense impact on your community

Dreams of supporting and guiding your clients with confidence

Next training run October 2022 - March 2023

There is space for 6 future coaches.

Regular Investment $5800 pay in full or

6 x $997 payment plan



Register before August 31st and save $800

Investment $5000 pay in full or 6 x $862

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