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Lets Simplify Coaching!


Skillfully guide clients as they find clarity, explore choices, commit to action, and take purposeful steps towards their goals.

A 3-day course that will lay out the coaching runway, showing you a simple and easy way to create a coaching conversation that will move your clients from confused and hesitant to clear and decisive.


Join Coach of Coaches Gina Ward to learn The Coaching Runway, a coaching framework that anyone can use to help your clients move forwards.  Develop the confidence you need to OWN your coaching methods, navigate the complexities of coaching in the moment, and facilitate real change

In just three days, you’ll understand the power of:

mindfully guiding clients towards clarity so you can witness the spark in their eyes and the smile on their face when they light up from their “aha” moment.


having clients create choice and establish commitment so they walk away from every coaching session saying, “that was totally worth it!”


supporting clients as they determine directed action so you can see them execute on what they want in real-time, knowing you were a part of it.


coaching the person and not the circumstance so you can step into your role as a thought partner and never have to worry about giving answers, fixing problems, or coming up with what to do…because it all lies with them.


Stop walking your clients in circles! 

Awareness, perspective, and clarity, quite simply, are NOT enough. 


You’re looking for a process with the guidance and structure you need to confidently move coaching clients from “aha” into sustained action. Learn the importance of creating a whole and complete coaching experience that will leave clients feeling in command and focused as they build momentum and execute on their goals.


Instead of feeling uneasy, hesitant, or overwhelmed, develop the confidence and experience you need to truly be of service in 1:1 coaching and group facilitation settings


Discover The Stages of The Coaching Runway

Meet clients where they are and build intentional momentum so they can TAKE OFF to where they want to be.

Day One: Gain Clarity

Do you feel like you’re bringing clients to awareness and insight over and over again? It’s time to disrupt this broken record! Yes, clarity is essential, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a true coaching transformation.


Day Two: Create Choice 

The reason you’re feeling so tongue-tied on coaching calls? You think that you’re supposed to have all the answers. On Day Two, you’ll learn the value of guiding clients away from limiting, black & white, or hardline options so they can discover and explore all the possibilities for themselves.


Day Three: Establish Commitment & Determine Directed Action

Your job as a coach isn’t to decide what they should do and when. Instead, understand why it is essential for you to hold space for clients to participate in the creation of meaningful commitments so they can declare their intentions and establish them with conviction so that you can help clients make a fail-proof plan as they move from creation to execution!

If you can carve out just 30 minutes to join us each day, you’ll transform how you approach coaching and start to see yourself as the leader you are. You’ll feel inspired to get curious about your coaching process and supported by a community of  impact-driven leaders like you.

Say no more...

“The depth of content Gina delivered and what I learned blew me away. There is so much intention behind the way we lead, and Gina helped me discover how to do this in my own unique way.” 

- Amy



✓ Three days of live group instruction & conversation via Zoom, Sept 13-15
✓ An intricate science-backed deep-dive into The Coaching Runway (no surface-level fluff or pseudo-science here!)
✓ Recordings of all sessions that you can revisit for up to 30 days.
✓ Q&A sessions after each lesson exclusively for live attendees so you can ask specific questions and relate what you’ve learned to your work. 


Plus, an action-inspiring bonus!

If you attend LIVE, you’ll receive a secret BONUS to encourage you to keep the momentum going and deepen your understanding of The Coaching Runway as you apply it in your own coaching practice.

Confident Coach Sign Up

Usually, this course investment is $97

But as a thank you for downloading the Prepared & Confident Coaching Checklist FREEBIE and your commitment to taking ACTION, you can register now for just $47!

Get ½ off and Join ALL FOUR sessions for only $47

That’s $50 in savings and this in a ONE TIME offer for RIGHT NOW!

Sept 13th - 15th

3:00 - 3:30pm EST

Live via Zoom + recordings

“Gina, I can't thank you enough for getting me to this point. I know I still have SO much to learn about coaching, but today was impactful and purposeful, and that feeling is worth every penny I’ve invested into learning from you. THANK YOU 🙏🏼” 





→ Approaching ANY coaching conversation with confidence and ease.
→ Feeling prepared to create a safe and supportive space for you and your clients.
→ Being unflustered when uncertainty arises or shit hits the fan.
→ A sense of KNOWING when working with your clients and participants.


Will I see you on Sept 13th?

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