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Create messaging that moves people.

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Are you doing all the things, posting daily, creating graphics, recording reels, showing up on stories, and yet you feel like something is missing?

That you are not connecting with "your people" and
all of your efforts are going unnoticed?

Here is the thing, it isn't about what you are doing!

It is about what you are and are not saying.



To connect you must tell the story.

and stories MOVE people!

When people feel moved, they pay attention. They engage. They feel connected to who you are what you have to offer. They sit up and take notice because they can relate to you and your business.

This is the HEART of messaging......


When you create messaging that moves people, you can finally move the needle in your business.

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is a 4-week free series where you will learn to create messaging that taps into the heart of your business and the heart of your audience.


  • racking your brain every day on "what to post"

  • spending all of your time trying to advertise your offers

  • comparing, using buzz words, buying into trends, and mimicking influencer ideas

  • talking "at" your audience

  • pushing your business and offers


  • telling your story

  • getting to the heart of why you do what you do

  • embodying the essence of the offer and what it gives people

  • talking "with" your audience

  • pulling people in that align perfectly with what you are doing

  • messaging in a way that makes marketing feel easy and simple


Whole-Hearted Storytelling paints a picture that is clear and magical.

“Working with Gina has allowed me get the words written on my heart--and that come out of my mouth in conversations--on to the page where they can be shared out to the wider world. I didn't realize how constrained I was in this area of my expression until I got free from it”


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It is time to create messaging that moves your audience, business, brand and bank account!

Chances areright now you are spending countless hours advertising.

Constantly talking about your offers and services, describing all the logistical details, drive-by posting the flashy graphics and obsessing over wording and pictures. None of this will get you the sales and clients that you are dreaming about.

You have to develop and brand a SPECIFIC MESSAGE and then market the message. You have to speak to the why, and the experience you are offering and get really clear on HOW you plan to help people and what they are going to walk away with.

You MUST tell one complete story that your aligned client can "feel" and say,
"hell yes, that's for me!"


October 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th 3pm EST


I feel called to get this content to as many business owners as possible, which is why I am gifting it to everyone for FREE. My passion and purpose is overriding every business instinct I have, so I hope you will join me for a deal of a lifetime!

$2222 VALUE

Course will be live streamed and recorded here 👇🏽


"Gina helped me learn that messaging is simple when I remember that it's about people. It doesn’t have to be complicated, confusing or gimmicky- it’s just me talking to other humans. Ive learned to take the pressure off of having to say the perfect thing and to just start sharing from my heart. Working with Gina has been the best money I have ever spent."



Meet Your Storyteller

I spent most of my life reserved, holding back, being very careful and selective of what I say and how I say it.

Then I became a yoga teacher and I learned to share about myself, about my life. I learned to use my experiences to tell stories and I discovered that it created a powerful connection with people. A connection of "we are in this together."

I fell in love with this approach, so much so I wrote a book.

What does this have to do with marketing and your business?

You started your business for a very personal reason. And you created all of your offers based on your lived experience, based on why you got into business to begin with. It all came from your heart and soul.

Being able to share that and weave it together with the what, how, who and why of the offer you want to market is storytelling. And storytelling is what brings people together.

This is the essence of whole-hearted messaging. Once I started to message my business and offers from my heart, it not only became very easy, I attracted the aligned clients that I dreamed of working with and who could not wait to work with me.

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