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AUTHOR Gina Ward

From lying on the hospital floor, to running a business and grappling with family trauma, all of these things have one thing in common: they can be hard as fuck.

Here we are, on this earth, toggling between floating along and living the dream, yet all the while grappling with some of life's most brutal and beautiful truths. And we have no control over them or of this life. But no matter what we experience in this one, crazy beautiful life, we learn, and we get to use what we learn to decide if we will keep looking at life as a bundle of hard edges-experiences that are out to get us-or if we will surrender and learn to land softly.


This book is a collection of stories, life lessons, that while very personal, tackle the big picture challenges that nearly everyone of us experience at some time during our lives. Whether or not we live through these experiences is not the question, how you navigate them is.



Lessons Learned
Navigating Life’s Hard Edges

An honest and authentic story of a real person dealing with the real world. No sugar coated stories just the real raw deal. Empowering!




I highly recommend this book! I am not a big reader so it was a gift to read this in 2 days because I couldn't put it down! Gina's story is written as if you are sitting with her in person, it's an honest and inspiring journey with lessons to learn each chapter.

After reading this I felt like I got a permission slip to be comfortable being me, no failures in life just lessons to grow from. Gina reminds us we all can be brave and shift with life and feel good about it.


"Flew threw this in just a few hours! It was such a pleasure reading Gina’s stories and seeing her perspective on how these experiences have shaped her outlook and the lessons learned along the way. And how brave to have such deeply personal experiences out there for the world to read. Thoroughly enjoyed!"


You can purchase the book directly from me and get a signed copy! 


I would love to send you a signed copy + get your support through direct purchase.

If you are local, we can arrange a pickup or drop off location 5 business days. 
Deliver with shipping is approximately 2 weeks.


Gina is a entrepreneur, business coach, mentor and creative based in New Jersey. She works with ambitious women who have a desire to create and develop businesses and offerings that are rooted in purpose! She believes each person has the potential to lead and inspire, yet it takes courage, humility, conviction and an obsession for personal growth plus mental and emotional resiliency. It can be messy when leveraging failure which requires next level self love.

When Gina’s not immersed in her work, she is practicing yoga, creating pottery, eating tacos, listening to music with her hubby, porch sitting and busting out dance parties. Every step of the way, she remembers that details matter and fun is what makes life work. 

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"This is amazing read. I read it within 24hours I could not put it down. I even order a copy as a gift. I highly recommend this book."


"Like elders around the campfire, in this sweet lil book Gina tells us some of the stories that helped form her and the wisdom she gleaned from her experiences. It let me into her world so I could see her tender bits - and my own. It resonated with me how easy it is to get hardened, armored and alone and reminded me how important it is to soften as a show of my strength. Grab this book for your daughters and sons and may it inspire all of us to share ourselves more fully, softly."


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