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HEALING....Lesson One from a Shelter Dog

It has been 3 weeks today since I brought Sami home and it has been 3 weeks of little lessons and big learnings. This blog is just part one of a series coming too you, maybe even a second book coming your way, who knows. All I know is that this little dog has taught me more in three weeks than I have learned in the past 3 here you go!

Healing happens in strange ways...

When I stood at the shelter, chatting with the director, only 18 days after Rugby died......she asked, "Is it too soon?"

My reply, "Are you ever over it? Is there ever a good time.? Are you ever ready?"

Two days after that conversation I brought Sami home, because I was lonely, because I am a dog person, because I saw him and thought I could never leave him there after meeting him, I couldn't be the person who walked away and said, "it is just too soon to help him." Is there ever a right time to help someone or something?

What I didn't realize is that bringing him home to keep me company was only the tip of what would happen.

They say that you rescue dogs from shelters, I say that this dog rescued me.

He was access to my healing.

He walked into this house and gave me purpose, gave me something to wake up for, gave me somewhere to direct my energy, attention and love.

And while I was slowly helping him heal from the experience of leaving his home, to living in an overstimulating, traumatic environment for 3 weeks, to being brought home by a stranger that needed him more then he needed me......he was taking care of my heart and helping me move through my grief via love.

So wasn't too soon.

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