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CLARITY is the quality of being able to distinctly see!


See who you are, what you want, where you are going and how to get there.

And a CLEAR woman, is...

a confident woman

a convicted woman

a committed woman

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is the place where you will break free from indecisiveness, doubt, lack of motivation, inconsistency and overwhelm

CLARITY is the access point to...

➢ living a life where you can make decision easily and freely

➢ choosing what you want with confidence

➢ being able to say no, without explanation, justification or guilt

➢ feeling certain and listening to your intuition

believing in yourself

➢ feeling so inspired you can't help but get into action

"I have stopped trying to be quiet and hide. I now let my personality shine." 

Just imagine what it would feel like to...

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💡 stop analyzing, overthinking and just know

💡 know exactly how you want to feel

💡 clearly see who you are and what you want

💡 go about your day feeling light and energized

💡 be able to make decisions, regardless of your ever-changing circumstances, with confidence!

"The prompts have taught me how to carve out a few minutes everyday to listen to myself and get out of the busy rat race of life. This time allows me to get clear on how I want my day to go."
- Laura

"As someone who tends to feel weighed down by too many decisions , I already feel lighter after just a few days into the clarity project. I realized I can’t get to where I need and want to go with an outdated map and a windshield I can’t see out of."
-Laura M

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Without clarity
we are...

stuck in the past

complaining about the present

unable to envision the future

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How does it work?

➢ 3-5 audio clips will be dropped into the membership portal each week

➢ clips are typically 5-15 minutes in length

➢ listen anywhere, anytime

➢ there are NO structured calls or meetings

➢ choose to share or ask questions whenveer you want

➢ option to include a 1:1 private coaching call per month if you like

Each month is a new topic, all focused on creating a life full of clarity.

Topics have included:
July - Confident Decision Making
August - Self-Leadership
September - Mindful Communication

(you get access to past month's topics)

$108/month, enroll anytime, cancel anytime

CLARITY is a lifestyle, a choice, a form of self-leadership

Clarity is knowing, without question, the why behind everything you do and the purpose behind your life.


It is time to clear the clutter, clear the fog and sharpen your focus on what is most important to you and the life you want to live!

"The Clarity Project has helped me love myself more fully. I clearly see and own the things that make me unique and are a gift to others. I get excited for new insights each day and how I’m going to apply them in my life!"

The clarity project has already given me so much. I now devote time each morning to simply listening to myself and getting clear on what I want each day to look like. Because of Gina’s guidance, I know how to act on what I want and stay committed to it.

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