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Be the teacher that you want to have.

Mentoring for the Yoga Professional


Here is the thing about a Yoga Teacher Training, they are a great start, but they do not give you everything you need to master the art of teaching

And just like every other fitness professional, we owe it to ourselves, the industry and our students to continue our education and improve our skills.


And that is just what you will do when you work with me. This mentorship is about enhancing your education and honing your skills.

I am here to help you be more than just a yoga teacher,  to become a fitness and wellness professional.


This is a tailored program based on your needs and interests and will include:

➢ intuitive sequencing & understanding poses 

functional movement

➢ learning to teach multiple formats and classes

➢ a deep dive into anatomy and biomechanics

➢ education in science-backed exercise science & physiology

theming your class

➢ teaching modifications and options

working within and understanding the business of yoga

incorporating yoga philosophy into your classes in a way that makes sense


This mentorship can vary from 6-12 weeks depending on your needs and preference.

Ready to go back to school?

That is what you are doing. Think of this mentorship as stepping into graduate school and my job is to help you develop yourself into the professional that you want to be.

I believe that as yoga teachers we have a responsibility to deliver our best and truly teach our students in a professional manner that leaves them with more. 

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