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Show of Hands

➢Who is tired of creating offers based on expectations & "shoulds"
➢Who is exhausted just thinking about launching your old offers, again?
➢Who is yawning at the prospect of another year doing the same thing?
➢Who is bored?

Stop withholding your pure brilliance and start creating...  

harness your (7).png

Create, Brand, Message and Market your dream signature offer.

If you are tired of putting offers together that you can lead with your eyes closed, offers that simply compete with everyone else, offers that have you ready for them to be done on day one. You are in the right place!

Is there a voice in the back of your head saying, “do something new, do something different", and……


That voice is making you excited while also at the same time, scaring the hell out of you. Because you REALLY, really want to stretch yourself, and you know it is going to require you to step into a

✨deeper level of trust,

✨deeper level of curiosity,

✨deeper level of creativity

A Deeper Level of  YOUR OWN BRILLIANCE….


I just know you have something up your sleeve, something you have been itching to create, something you cannot stop thinking about.

And something has been STOPPING you from whipping it out.

You have been spending the past few years creating amazing offers. Serving your clients. Contributing to the world. And somewhere along the way you lost yourself a little.


Your courses, trainings, workshops, and programs are all getting the job done, but you want more than that. 

They are helping your clients, but they aren’t lighting you up.


They might be sustaining your business, but it is getting a little boring and you want to feel excited AF about what you are offering the world.

And you want it show in your branding and messaging.

Chances are, you have been serving everyone else, and somewhere along the line you stopped serving yourself.

You slipped into creating offers that worked, but they are more about what was expected of you and less about the brilliant fire brewing inside of you. 

And your not only less than fulfilled, you are struggling to brand, message and market them in a way that is fun, visually exciting, and hard to ignore.


It is time to bring your client’s needs and your need’s together so that you can create...

harness your (7).png

✨ The offer that leaves you feeling giddy just thinking about leading it.

✨The offer that will have you jumping out of bed every morning to lead it.

✨ The offer that is beautifully branded and messaged from the heart.

✨The offer that will have you saying, "this is what I am meant to do!"

You have been at this a long time. You've studied, learned, done all of the things to become the badass entrepreneur that you are.

And with all of that knowledge, all of that experience, all of that expertise, I know you have something special to offer the world.

And it is nothing short of BRILLIANT!

Make 2023 the Year of your Brilliant Masterpiece.

The year that you decide to stop filtering, stop editing, stop settling and instead you step into your own brilliance and completely transform not only what you offer, but your entire business and your industry.

This group mentoring program is about creating the offer you have always wanted.

The offer you cannot wait to market, sell and lead, time and time again.

The offer you have worked your whole life for.

This is exactly where I was in 2022, my 8th year as an entrepreneur. I started the year with 4 amazing offers built out, tried and tested, often sold out, and by AprilI knew something wasn’t working anymore.


They no longer lit me up. A few of them even made me cringe at the idea of running them again. And then the idea of shelving them also made me a little sick because I had put so much blood, sweat and tears into creating them.


But here is the thing, It dawned on me that I get to create whenever I want, whatever I want. And you do to.


And that is what I did. I whipped out EIGHT offers in 4 months. It was exhilarating. I created things I was really passionate about. Nothing came from what I “should” be doing, or based on what other people were doing, I tapped into my own brilliance and began to innovate the way I ran my business. And it took on a whole new life of its on.


This is how YOUR MASTERPIECE came to life, this offer is in fact MY Masterpiece


I got clear that I wanted to combine several elements of what I love, bring together all my skills and gifts and put something truly unique out into the world. And here it is.


In this course you will…

Flush out, brainstorm, create and develop your dream offer, the one that has been living in the back of your head for some time.

➢ Spend time designing the logistics of the offer in a way that truly works for you, No cookie-cutter “how to’s” here, only coaching and mentoring around what YOU want to do.

Plan and write curriculum that brings ALL of your genius and brilliance to the table.

Brand the offer in a way that can't be ignored. You will spend time stretching your playful and creative side so that the visuals that represent the offer are as exciting as the offer itself.

Message your offer, using your unique story around why it was created, in a way that speaks and pulls in the ideal, aligned client in an easeful and stress-free way.

➢ Put is all together and develop a marketing strategy JUST FOR YOU! No formulas or rules to follow. This wis where you will get super innovative around how you will launch this offer out into the world.

In 4 months, you will walk away with a signature offer you cannot wait to lead and clients cannot wait to take.

The Game Plan & What You Get:

2-3 group calls per month, starting in Feb
 3 one-on-one calls with me
Consultation with a graphic & website design expert
Monthly feedback on content, messaging and marketing plans

Investment: $6000 PIF or 5 payments of $1225

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